Our Story

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our revolutionary albums. We are working daily to bring you the first ever tangible photo book with digital media and video. We know you will love sharing, organizing, and preserving your memories in an InMotion Album.  

My name is Kristin Miller, and I am a licensed attorney, a sales professional with fifteen years experience, and I am a mom of two amazing girls, ages two and four. 

I began creating InMotion Albums when my first daughter turned one. At the time, I found myself overwhelmed by scattered printed pictures, mementos, digital photos, and videos. The problem festered as I tried different photo sites, back-up drives, photo albums, and memory boxes. I longed for a single, united photo and video book that would allow me to consolidate and showcase all my printed pictures, keepsakes, and digital media. 

Because printed photos in a tangible book offers a more vivid and intimate sharing experience, I began exploring a touch and feel book that could include digital images as well as videos. The best, most exciting feature I imagined was a book that synced all the pages to the digital media. I imagined turning the pages of a book integrated with a circuit board and some type of sensor system. The sensor would make the digital media recognize page movement to change when the page turns.  How cool would that be?  

In a book that syncs your videos with your printed pictures, you can now enjoy your vivid prints of beach sunsets while on the same page watch and listen to a cascading waterfall you enjoyed after a long day hike with foreign bugs and muggy air.

Where did I begin?  Where does anyone with an idea begin?

With the support of my best friend and husband, I built a business plan to initiate product research and development including filing a utility patent application to build a revolutionary book combining print and digital media. We built our first prototype by September 2015. Along our product developement journey, we have experienced both unusual challenges and exciting breakthroughs. In 2016, our momentum gained tremendous speed. Our utility patent was granted by the USPTO, and we were honored by the CTA with a CES Innovation Award in Digital Imaging. Now, we are focused on manufacturing and plan to deliver the first InMotion Album by Christmas, 2019. 

Thank you!

From our family, thank you for your interest. We look forward to keeping in touch and delivering your first InMotion Album.

Kristin, Ella, Charlotte, Lucas, and Biscuit